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Pop Up Emitters can be used to let excess water flow out of a pipe into a pre-determined location.
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Giant Landscape prefers to core drill curbs instead of using pop up emitters whenever possible for more complete drainage of pipes.  Our core drill preserves the concrete curb and does not crack or fail unlike reformation of concrete.

Excessive yard water can be a caused by too much roof water flowing from your roof and your neighbor's roofs.  In this case, our comprehensive approach solved the problem.  Giant Landscape measured the total sq ft of the roofs and yard water to determine that this customer needed a 6" PVC Pipe to carry the water in the event of a large storm.

Wall seal.png
Wall seal keeps water from permeating into houses or through walls.  EZ Flow French drain installed in front of wall seal.
Giant Landscape incorporates many types of drainage inlets, such as this atrium grate, which works great in flowerbeds.

Leaky basement?  We used 2 coats of wall sealer and added a porous French drain to absorb excess water from these basement wells and core drilled through the concrete and pushed the water out to the street.


A good drainage system is hidden and does not become the focus.  This yard has three large pipes from the roof and the neighbor's yard and two catch basins to let water in.  Giant Landscape understands the drainage manufacturer's specifications for water volume relative to 20/50/100 year storms and designs drainage systems that are more efficient, more resilient to stress, and last longer.  Giant Landscape designed and installed this back yard that comprehensively considers a multitude of factors including patio spaces, sunlight, screening from neighbor's, wildlife, and drainage.

Rain flowing into a storm water sewer system. Stormwater street drain during heavy rain..j
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